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BTEC Level 3 Certificate in the Decontamination of Reusable Medical Devices: Unit Two

Image of Chris Larham's BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Decontamination, highlighting Unit Two.

Many different items are received in the SSD Wash Room. It is essential to sort items according to their wash methods: some difficult-to-clean cannulated items require an ultrasonic wash to ensure all contamination is thoroughly flushed out (for example, ‘Mr Finlay’s Goldfinger’ or Pretzelflex Retractors); certain items with exposed electrical components (for example, Stryker Shavers) must be manually handwashed as they cannot withstand processing through the industrial washers – the same goes for delicate items such as dental handpieces; and other sets are able to be processed in a straightforward, non-sonic wash (all the ‘basic’ sets – for example, Basic Hand Sets, General Basic Sets, General Breast Sets).[…]

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