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RESTful Communications: Tabular Planetary Statistics

Earth statistics served by the RESTful Web Service at

This post demonstrates and explains how a JavaScript client can interact with a RESTful PHP Web Service. Tabular planetary statistics are requested and displayed by this JavaScript client, based on the user’s planetary selection. Coding examples are included.

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RESTful Communications

RESTful Web Service: Pluto statistics in 'json' format.

This post provides information relating to a RESTful Web Service that has been created at

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PHP Quiz: All Date/Time Functions

Comprehensive PHP DateTime Quiz, sized for desktop viewing.

This post serves as a reference point for 48 PHP date/time functions. Users can also click a ‘RANDOMIZE’ button, whereupon all the function descriptions, function syntaxes, and function return values are randomized. The user can then rearrange the table cells correctly (thus completing the quiz) or click an ‘AUTO COMPLETE’ button (following further optional manual randomization) and watch the computer complete the quiz itself! The computer completes the quiz at a speed that the human eye can follow, thus aiding learning.

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