Notes on Use

  • Enter text in the input area.
  • Characters a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 will be translated into morse code and output below the input area.
  • Punctuation marks, quotation marks, and other commonly-used characters will be output in their original form rather than translated.
  • A space between words in the input area will be translated into a vertical bar (|) to highlight the demarcation of translated words.
  • Once the input area is filled with text, a button will appear that provides a real-time translation of the input text when clicked.
  • To mimic the transmission of morse code via flashlight, the background colour of the real-time translated text toggles between ‘khaki’ and ‘transparent’ at high speed. PEOPLE WITH EPILEPSY/HIGH SENSITIVITY TO LIGHT CHANGES SHOULD NOT USE THE REAL-TIME TRANSLATION FEATURE.
  • Any text entered in the input area after the translation has begun will not be translated until the button is clicked again once the current translation has ended.
  • The content of the ‘real-time translation’ paragraph is cleared immediately before each subsequent translation.

Instant Translation Paragraph:

‘Real-time Translation’ Paragraph:

Notes on Real-Time Translation Speed

To summarize this Wikipedia article, International Morse Code comprises five time units:

  • a short mark (·) = one time unit
  • a longer mark (−) = three time units
  • a one unit gap between the ‘dots’ and ‘dashes’ of a single character
  • a three-unit gap between characters
  • a seven-unit gap between words

For the purposes of this translation, a single time unit is equal to 300 milliseconds. Thus, a ‘dot’ lasts 300 milliseconds, a ‘dash’ lasts 900 milliseconds, there is a 300-millisecond pause between the ‘dots’ and ‘dashes’ of a single character, a 900-millisecond pause between characters, and a 2100-millisecond pause between words.

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