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‘Nutrition and Health’ [46%, 2017]

LINKS TO PRINTABLE DOCUMENTS AND EVIDENCE OF CERTIFICATION: Chris Larham’s essay entitled Nutrition and Health [46%, 2017] can be opened in a print-friendly text document format here A version of this essay complete with tutor-annotated feedback can be opened in

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‘Nutrition, digestion, and energy balance’ [47%, 2017]

Nutrition for Health and Wellbeing: Transcript of Results [46.5%, 2017]

This essay will give an account of the importance of the seven essential nutrients in a healthy balanced diet. Following this examination of the importance of carbohydrates, fibres, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water, the process of digestion and energy storage will be discussed. Finally, the energy density of various nutrients will be evaluated with respect to maintenance of a healthy weight.[…]

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